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Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Mandarin
Heart Notes: May Rose
Base Notes: Vanilla


CHANEL ALLURE Eau de Toilette is a captivating floral-fresh-ambery fragrance that unveils its unique charm on every woman, highlighting the individual allure that each possesses. Difficult to define and impossible to resist, this multifaceted fragrance reflects the diverse and enchanting nature of femininity.


The fragrance opens with the sparkling and refreshing notes of mandarin, setting a vibrant tone. The heart of the composition is graced with the softness of May rose, imparting a delicate floral elegance. This beautiful blend is anchored by the sensual and warm base of vanilla, creating a harmonious and inviting scent that lingers gracefully.

Art of Perfuming:

ALLURE Eau de Toilette is available in a convenient spray form, allowing for generous and even application. For the best experience, spritz it on pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears to fully appreciate its light and relaxed concentration.

Key Features:

Olfactory Families: Floral, Fresh, Ambery
Usage: Ideal for the woman who appreciates a light, yet captivating fragrance that enhances her natural allure.

Discover the enchanting and irresistible charm of CHANEL ALLURE Eau de Toilette, a fragrance that celebrates the unique allure of every woman with its delicate and multifaceted composition.

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