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À la fois fort et délicat, ARMANI CODE PARFUM réinvente la signature olfactive du parfum ARMANI CODE original.

Description: ARMANI CODE PARFUM captures the essence of the original ARMANI CODE with a reimagined fragrance that balances strength and delicacy. Retaining its aromatic, woody, and sensual identity, this new scent opens with vibrant, aromatic top notes and powerful, masculine base notes, while the heart reveals an intensified delicacy. It is the new olfactory signature of ARMANI CODE, both powerful and delicate.

Key Notes:

  • Top Notes:

    • Vert de Bergamote & Cœur de Bergamote d'Italie: The fragrance opens with vibrant and luminous notes of green bergamot and heart of bergamot, both sourced from Calabria, Italy. The green bergamot is extracted using molecular distillation, allowing the perfumer to select a specific molecular fragment, capturing a long-lasting fresh green note.
  • Heart Notes:

    • Cœur de Sauge Sclarée de Provence & Iris Résinoïde du Maroc: The heart of the fragrance features clary sage heart from Provence, France, blended with a sophisticated fusion of natural and technological iris notes. The mix of Moroccan iris resinoid and iris aldehydes brings a new sensitivity to the aromatic signature of ARMANI CODE.
  • Base Notes:

    • Absolu de Fève Tonka du Brésil & Cœur de Cèdre de Virginie: Inspired by the original ARMANI CODE, the base of the fragrance is characterized by a powerful Brazilian tonka bean absolute. Combined with cedarwood heart from Virginia, USA, these notes underscore the dominant signature of ARMANI CODE.

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Woody

How to Apply: For a long-lasting scent, spray ARMANI CODE PARFUM on pulse points: inside of the wrists, under the earlobes, and behind the knees.

Experience the new olfactory signature of ARMANI CODE PARFUM, where strength meets delicacy.

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