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Azzaro Chrome Extrême

Azzaro Chrome Extrême


Fragrance Notes: Amber, Aquatic Accords

Azzaro Chrome Extrême Eau de Parfum

Azzaro introduces its first Chrome Eau de Parfum: Chrome Extrême. This intensely fresh fragrance is inspired by the natural power of the ocean depths.

A Tribute to Modern Explorers

Chrome Extrême embodies today's heroes—modern explorers who push their limits and challenge extreme conditions. This aquatic fragrance, with its intense amber freshness, evokes the vast, moving force of nature. It’s a true adrenaline rush in a bottle.

Deep Ocean Inspiration

The iconic Chrome bottle is reimagined in a dark blue shade, reflecting the profound depths of the oceans. Chrome Extrême is a bold, fresh scent designed for men who embrace adventure and strength.

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