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Azzaro Pour Homme Cologne Intense

Azzaro Pour Homme Cologne Intense


Fragrance Notes: Lime, Lavender, Mastic

Azzaro Pour Homme Cologne Intense

Azzaro Pour Homme, the iconic fragrance from Maison Azzaro and a reference in men's perfumery, takes inspiration from Cologne for the first time. This new interpretation blends freshness and modernity, creating a striking cold-warm contrast that enhances the seductive power of the wearer.

Crafted as a fougère with a citrusy structure, the fragrance retains the powerful and virile signature of the original while offering a fresh, textured twist. It’s a vibrant, reassuring, and invigorating Eau de Toilette that feels like a long, icy drink—intensely fresh at first, then deliciously warm.

Aromatic Citrus-Woody Freshness

This masculine Eau de Toilette belongs to the "Aromatic Citrus-Woody" family, characterized by extreme freshness and sensuality, highlighted by three key notes:

  • At dawn: Lime
  • At zenith: Lavender*
  • At dusk: Mastic

*Sustainably sourced ingredients.

Azzaro Pour Homme Cologne Intense is an exhilarating and textured fragrance, perfect for the modern man.

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