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Azzaro Solarissimo Favignana

Azzaro Solarissimo Favignana


Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Rum Absolute, Cedar

Azzaro Solarissimo Favignana Eau de Toilette

A Mediterranean Inspiration

Azzaro Solarissimo is a new line of fragrances inspired by the Mediterranean, dear to its creator, Loris Azzaro. Following Levanzo and Marettimo, the latest chapter, Favignana, offers an oriental, citrusy, woody scent.

Solarissimo Favignana: Sun and Sea

"I believe everyone wants to escape the daily grind and bask in the sun, even if just for a night. I adore the sun; I can't live without it." With this sentiment, Azzaro created a trilogy honoring the sun. The third installment, Solarissimo Favignana, is here to brighten your day.

Embodying Loris Azzaro's Origins

Born in Tunis to a Sicilian father and Italian mother, Loris Azzaro has a deep connection to the Mediterranean. His creations reflect his belief that "life is an endless summer," characterized by brightness, warmth, and vitality. This essence is captured in the bottle of Solarissimo Favignana.

A Warm and Enveloping Fragrance

Solarissimo Favignana draws inspiration from the "encounter between the sun and the Mediterranean Sea." This Eau de Toilette combines oriental, citrus, and woody notes. It opens with the refreshing zest of Sicilian lemon, transitions to an intoxicating heart of rum absolute, and settles into a masculine base of cedar. The result is a vibrant, enveloping, and warmly intense fragrance, embodying the spirit of a Mediterranean man.

Solarissimo Favignana is a tribute to the sun-drenched, vibrant life of the Mediterranean, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and character to your daily routine.

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