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Azzaro The Most Wanted

Azzaro The Most Wanted


Fragrance Notes: Red Ginger, Incandescent Wood Accord, Bourbon Vanilla

Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum

A new era begins, are you ready to play to the next level? Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum invites you to release your burning energy like never before. This intense and fiery fragrance for men features an addictive blend of melting caramel, sensual Bourbon vanilla, and a spicy, woody accord for a long-lasting, magnetic signature.

  • At dawn: Red Ginger
  • At zenith: Incandescent Wood Accord
  • At dusk: Bourbon Vanilla*

*Sustainably sourced raw materials.

Azzaro and its partners are committed to responsible luxury. The Bourbon vanilla is responsibly sourced from Madagascar. The iconic black barrel-shaped bottle encapsulates the warmth of an amber scent, radiating power and elegance, designed for men ready to unleash their fiery energy.

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