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Azzaro Wanted by Night

Azzaro Wanted by Night


Fragrance Notes: Cinnamon, Red Cedar, Tobacco

Azzaro Wanted by Night Eau de Parfum

Unleash your limits with Azzaro Wanted by Night, the intense new seduction weapon. This explosive fragrance blends cinnamon, red cedar, and tobacco, creating a vibrant, radiant, and captivating trail.

Three Stories, One Fragrance

Introduced in 2016, Azzaro Wanted expresses the brand's core values, inspired by Loris Azzaro's life. Wanted by Night pushes this further, diving into a darker, nocturnal universe where seduction is key. The new advertisement, "A Man. A Night. Three Stories," highlights this theme.

The Modern Gatsby's Scent

Wanted by Night is for the man who becomes bolder at night, living for parties until dawn. The ad shows his night from four perspectives: Tom, the bartender; Anna, the tattoo artist; and Lily and Lola, early morning friends. Each recounts their unforgettable encounter with Nikolaï Danielsen, whose presence and woody-spicy fragrance leave a lasting impression.

Nikolaï Danielsen: An Unforgettable Man

Nikolaï embodies the essence of Wanted by Night with his seductive, unforgettable presence. His scent, a blend of cinnamon, red cedar, and tobacco, captivates everyone he meets, making every night memorable. For him, it's just another night; for those who encounter him, it's a night they'll never forget.

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