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Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night


 Fragrance Notes: Rum/Chantilly Accord, Queen of the Night Flower, Patchouli

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night Eau de Parfum

A Tribute to Bold and Flamboyant Femininity

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night celebrates a new femininity, free and flamboyant, allowing women to play with destiny, provoke their luck, and attract desire. What they aim for, they achieve. What they dare, they obtain.

An Addictive and Gourmet Scent

The saga of our heroine Wanted Girl continues with an even more gourmand and addictive Eau de Parfum, putting the spotlight on the wearer. Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night is the fragrance of an elusive woman who now shines not only by day but also by night.

The Queen of the Night

As a true queen of the night, she twirls on the dance floor, glowing with her radiant aura, igniting all desires. She captures all eyes; men desire her, women envy her. She is the queen of the night. The trigger spray of her iconic, sensually curved bottle reveals a more intoxicating floral and gourmand explosion than ever.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Gourmand Floral

  • Dawn: Rum/Chantilly Accord
  • Zenith: Queen of the Night Flower
  • Dusk: Patchouli

A Symbol of Sensual Seduction

Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night is an ode to seduction, with a gourmand and addictive trail revealing extreme sensuality. Like a disarming weapon of seduction, this fragrance illuminates and highlights the unique personality of this seductive woman, even in the middle of the night. Its rum/chantilly accord combined with the Queen of the Night flower and patchouli awakens the senses, heightening desire before satisfying it.

Illuminate your nights with the irresistibly enchanting scent of Azzaro Wanted Girl By Night, designed for the daring, confident, and captivating woman.

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