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Boucheron Jaïpur Bouquet Eau de Parfum

Boucheron Jaïpur Bouquet Eau de Parfum


New fragrance for women

A bouquet of some of the most precious raw materials, set like jewels. A unique interpretation, both modern and airy, more joyful but always precious.

A sparkling start, then effervescent, a lighter, more airy, and contemporary signature yet always sensual. Just like a precious jewel, Boucheron perfume perfects the adornment of a remarkably beautiful, bold, and independent woman.

Floral - Woody

Top Notes: Grapefruit Essence, Mango Leaves, Citron Essence. Heart Notes: Rose, Iris, Jasmine Sambac. Base Notes: Patchouli Essence, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood.

EAN: 3386460107617


JAÏPUR BOUQUET, BOUCHERON'S ORIENTAL FRAGRANCE EMBRACED WITH LIGHTNESS For 160 years, the Boucheron family has invited us to dream through the creation of ever more sumptuous jewelry. Boucheron uses its know-how in the service of material, creating adornments with the most precious stones found on this earth. Often, Boucheron finds inspiration and key pieces for its works in India and other oriental countries. To pay homage to these distant lands, while affirming its dual status as jeweler and perfumer, Boucheron crafted a fragrance named Jaïpur in 1994. Today, this fragrance modernizes and becomes more airy. Focus on Jaïpur Bouquet by Boucheron.

WHAT IS JAÏPUR? First and foremost, to better understand the universe of this perfume, let's focus on its name. The Jaïpur is a bracelet traditionally given to newlyweds in the Rajasthan region. It is a good luck charm, adorned with nine precious stones, symbols of the nine planets: diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, cat's eye, chrysoberyl, garnet, and coral. Struck by the beauty of this jewel, the Boucheron family made it a source of inspiration. Like this bracelet, Jaïpur Bouquet is a radiant, dazzling, and bold bouquet, designed as a multifaceted good luck charm.

THE JEWEL BOTTLE OF BOUCHERON Of course, since its launch, Jaïpur Bouquet has been presented in a beautifully crafted bottle. It was inconceivable for Boucheron, an exceptional jeweler, not to symbolize the appearance of the traditional Jaïpur. Thus, its shape directly inspires that of a bracelet. Jaïpur Bouquet presents itself as a finely chiseled glass crown adorned with a few godrons. The most imposing one is at its top and is covered with golden lacquer. In its center, it carries a cap sculpted like a stone. For a moment, one might believe it to be a turquoise.

JAÏPUR BOUQUET, THE OLFACTORY ADORNMENT OF A REMARKABLE WOMAN Jaïpur Bouquet by Boucheron draws its source from the most precious materials in perfumery. It combines fruity flavors with other noble flowers. Initially, it becomes more airy and joyful than its predecessors, combining the liveliness of grapefruit and the gourmandise of mango. Cedar also makes an appearance in its top notes, rare enough to be highlighted. It paves the way for a much more floral heart, blending the great classics of feminine perfumery with refinement and nobility. Jaïpur Bouquet contains rose, iris, and jasmine sambac, for a precious and sensual effect. Gradually, the Boucheron woman gains character. Jaïpur Bouquet concludes with patchouli essence, sandalwood, and cashmere wood, a very woody and enveloping concentrate. Jaïpur Bouquet by Boucheron is a perfume crafted like "the adornment of a remarkably beautiful, bold, and independent woman."



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