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Eau de Parfum - Aromatic and Sweet Notes

Dolce&Gabbana DGVIB3 Eau de Parfum captures the brand's essence, translating it into a complex yet perfectly balanced fragrance with refreshing and enveloping notes, designed to be worn by everyone. Created exclusively by Aurelien Guichard for Dolce&Gabbana, this fragrance is a bold and contemporary statement of style and belonging.

Top Notes: The scent opens with the fresh and aromatic notes of lavender, setting a vibrant and invigorating tone.

Heart Notes: At the heart, the full sweetness of vanilla is revealed, adding a rich and comforting layer.

Base Notes: The composition concludes with a generous and sensual note of amber, leaving a warm and luxurious trail.

Design: The fragrance is encased in a bottle with sophisticated, modern lines, enhanced by a glossy black magnetic cap. The design is consistent with the packaging, featuring the iconic Dolce&Gabbana color scheme of black and white.

Encased in an elegantly designed bottle, DGVIB3 Eau de Parfum is perfect for those seeking a bold and contemporary fragrance. Available in a spray for generous and even application.

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