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Eau de rhubarbe ecarlate Eau de cologne

Eau de rhubarbe ecarlate Eau de cologne



Eau de Cologne - Fruity and Citrus Notes

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate Cologne by Hermès, created by perfumer Christine Nagel in 2016, offers an unexpected interpretation of the classic Hermès Cologne, revisiting the surprising freshness of the herbaceous plant, rhubarb.

Olfactory Notes: This fruity citrus fragrance expresses the freshness of crisp rhubarb and tangy lantana, mingled with elegant musk notes.

Design: The iconic lantern bottle is adorned with a vibrant scarlet hue. The orange box features a vividly contrasting band that recalls the color of the bottle.

Hermès Colognes Collection: This collection offers a playground that is as infinite as it is masterly for exploring the sensory nature of materials. It brings immediate and abundant pleasure, unifying beyond genres, fashions, ages, or seasons. The bottle comes with a removable pump.

Emotion: Fresh, Delicate
Key Ingredients: Rhubarb, Lantana, Musk

Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate Cologne is perfect for those seeking a fresh and delicate fragrance that captures the vibrant and tangy essence of rhubarb. Available in a spray for even application.

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