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Escada Brisa Cubana Eau de Toilette

Fragrance Notes: Sparkling Citrus, Aromatic Mint, Mariposa Flower


Are you ready to be captivated by the new exotic and enchanting fragrance from ESCADA, Brisa Cubana Eau de Toilette for women? This vegan perfume opens with sparkling citrus notes, featuring the intense essence of lime for an unforgettable Caribbean experience. Feminine and sensuous, the freshness of mint oil adds a soft, aromatic heart note, delicately balanced by a base note of mariposa—the national flower of Cuba. For this limited edition, the signature ESCADA bottle is adorned with a gradient of orange, inspired by the vibrant and colorful Cuban sunset, and embellished with the mariposa flower. Embrace the hedonistic spirit of a Cuban vacation with friends, discover this fresh and feminine scent, and let the sensual, sunny character of the Caribbean enchant you this summer.

Key Benefits:

  • A vibrant blend of citrus and floral notes for a refreshing and exotic scent.
  • A vegan formula, ensuring ethical and sustainable fragrance enjoyment.
  • Perfect for summer days and tropical escapes, leaving a captivating impression.

Escada Brisa Cubana Eau de Toilette is the ideal fragrance for the woman who exudes confidence, elegance, and a love for adventure. This fragrance celebrates femininity and the joy of summer, making it a perfect choice for both casual outings and memorable events. Let its enchanting aroma transport you to the sun-drenched beaches of Cuba, creating an unforgettable aura that lingers long after the sun sets.

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