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Lolita Lempicka




Green Lover


Overview: Introducing Green Lover, the epitome of Cologne freshness for the modern man. This fearless and seductive fragrance embodies elegance and refined masculinity, boasting a unique blend of freshness and warm, radiant tones. From the invigorating top notes of Green Mandarin and Timut pepper to the heart of intense Green Fizz cocktail and peppery mint leaves, Green Lover captivates the senses at every level. Sensuality is unveiled in the delicious base, where exceptional Vanilla extract merges with voluptuous musks, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and allure.

Fragrance Family: Fresh Oriental

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes:

  • Italian Mandarin Essence, Timut Pepper: The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, as Italian Mandarin Essence combines with zesty and peppery Timut Pepper to awaken the senses and provide an invigorating start to the olfactory journey.

Heart Notes:

  • Juniper Berry, Peppermint Essence: In the heart of the fragrance, juniper berry and peppermint essence create an intense and refreshing Green Fizz cocktail, enhanced by the fresh and peppery nuances of mint leaves, adding depth and complexity to the composition.

Base Notes:

  • Madagascar Vanilla Blend, Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Musk: Sensuality unfolds in the base notes, where an infusion of exceptional Madagascar Vanilla extract blends seamlessly with voluptuous musks, leaving a lingering trail of warmth and allure.

Green Lover upholds its commitment to respecting and protecting the environment and animals by utilizing quality natural ingredients. This perfume is 100% Vegan and contains no dyes, filters, or endocrine disruptors.

Key Ingredients:

  • Alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance), Aqua (Water/Eau): Base components of the perfume formulation.
  • Citral, Limonene, Linalool: Naturally occurring fragrance compounds found in the perfume, contributing to its aromatic profile.
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