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Black Opium Extrême by Yves Saint Laurent

DESCRIPTION Black Opium Extrême, the iconic Floral Coffee scent taken to the extreme with the intoxicating facets of Indian Jasmine. An extremely sensual fragrance. Extremely feminine. Extremely intoxicating.

L’HISTOIRE For the Black Opium Extrême woman, transgression rhymes with celebration. A single spray is all she needs to claim the night, her eternal playground. Extreme in every thrill. Extreme as an invitation to live an endless night for a fearless woman.

LE FLACON The halo bottle is adorned with a blacker-than-black glitter lacquer. An overdose of glitter from bottle to cap, like an ode to the excesses of partying. With its electric black glitter texture, incandescent core, and radical lines, the Black Opium Extrême bottle is the ultimate object of desire. A talisman that accompanies us in all our quests, until the end of the night. Scandalously bold, scandalously hypnotic.

L’OLFACTION The Black Coffee Accord, the signature of Black Opium, intensifies: the Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar warms the mix with sensuality, and the Indian Jasmine, whose petals only release their fragrance at night, radiates the composition with a narcotic and intoxicating facet. Yves Saint Laurent is committed to the future: the Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is sourced from sustainable supply chains.


  • Top Notes: Black Coffee Accord
  • Heart Notes: Indian Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar

Dive into the extreme allure of Black Opium Extrême, where every night is a celebration of boldness and fearless femininity.

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