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Mademoiselle Azzaro

Mademoiselle Azzaro


 Fragrance Notes: Peach, Seringa Flower, Iris Wood, Cedar, Caramel

Azzaro Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette

The Parisian Charm

Azzaro, a renowned couture house, has extended its legacy to perfumery, traditionally catering to a masculine audience with a Mediterranean aura. With Mademoiselle Azzaro, the brand pays homage to the refinement and natural elegance of Parisian women, marking a new chapter in its history.

Elegance of a Parisian

Mademoiselle Azzaro captures the essence of a sophisticated and urban Parisian woman. Imagine her in a flowing Azzaro dress, strolling through the cobbled streets of Paris, enjoying boutiques, libraries, and sunny café terraces. This springtime fragrance illuminates the charm of Paris with a blend of solar aura and invigorating air, embodying a faux-relaxed yet subtly elegant Parisian allure.

A Jewel-Like Bottle

The bottle of Mademoiselle Azzaro resembles a precious jewel, often regarded as one of the most beautiful perfume cases. Faceted like a diamond, its elegance is undeniable, with light reflecting through its powder pink juice. The modern chrome cap and a satin bow at the neck evoke Azzaro's couture spirit.

Fresh and Fruity Scent

Removing the chrome cap releases a fresh and vibrant fruity aroma. The fragrance opens with radiant notes of peach and citrus, leading to a heart of floral seringa, known as "poet's jasmine," blended with iris and peony. Cedar anchors the composition, and a touch of caramel adds a subtle, gourmand finish. The result is a sweet, refreshing, and springtime fragrance.

The Spirit of a Parisian in a Bottle

Mademoiselle Azzaro is the perfect scent for illuminating your days, wandering through Paris, and enjoying life's simple pleasures. Light, airy, and chic, it embodies the Parisian spirit.

A Must-Have Accessory

This Eau de Toilette is the finishing touch for a Parisian's glamorous outfit. Feminine and light, it captures the joy of living in one of the world's most beautiful cities. With notes of peach, seringa flower, and iris wood, Mademoiselle Azzaro is a custom-made fragrance for Parisian joie de vivre and timeless elegance.

Mademoiselle Azzaro, an essential accessory of the season, combines sophistication and elegance in its faceted glass bottle adorned with a satin bow, revealing a lovely powder pink essence.

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