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 A Tribute to the Rose

An iconic fragrance from the collection, Mille & Une Roses captures the essence and poetry of Domaine de la Rose in Grasse, with the heart of the fragrance featuring Organic Rose Centifolia. Cultivated and harvested at the Domaine, it is one of the most precious roses in perfumery. A majestic bouquet of the finest roses, Mille & Une Roses is composed of 6 types of natural roses.

Lancôme's First Natural Fragrance

As Lancôme's first natural fragrance, this Eau de Parfum contains 97% ingredients of natural origin. It is free from colorants and stabilizers.

Maison Lancôme: The Art of French Living

Since 1935, Maison Lancôme has celebrated the art of French living through a collection of exclusive fragrances. Following an olfactory philosophy, the Art of Assemblage, these exceptional perfumes perpetuate the tradition of excellence and French savoir-faire. Each fragrance reflects a passion for the finest materials and noble essences.

How to Use

To enhance your scent trail, spray from about 20 cm away from your skin, focusing on pulse points - especially warm areas of your body such as the inside of your wrists, under the earlobe, and behind the knees.

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