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Lolita Lempicka




Mon Petit Eau de Toilette


Overview: Lolita Lempicka continues its enchanting fragrance journey with Mon Petit Eau de Toilette, a delightful treat designed for children above 3 years old and their mothers. This light and refreshing fragrance capture the essence of childhood innocence and joy with its floral, fresh musk aroma. An irresistible blend of aniseed marshmallow, linden petals, freesia, and orange blossom dances atop a comforting base of sugared almond and white musk, creating a scent that is both comforting and uplifting.

Fragrance Family: Floral Musk

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes:

  • Aniseed Marshmallow: The fragrance opens with the sweet and comforting aroma of aniseed marshmallow, evoking memories of childhood delights and innocence.

Middle Notes:

  • Flourish of Linden, Freesia, and Orange Blossom Petals: The heart of the fragrance blooms with a delicate bouquet of linden, freesia, and orange blossom petals, adding a fresh and floral dimension to the composition.

Base Notes:

  • Sugared Almond with White Musk: A comforting base of sugared almond infused with white musk provides a soft and enveloping finish, leaving a lingering trail of warmth and tenderness.

Mon Petit Eau de Toilette is formulated with the utmost care and respect for children's delicate skin. Free of colorants, sun filters, and stabilizers, this fragrance is developed to be gentle and safe. To ensure the sensitivity of children's skin is protected, no essential oils or natural extracts have been used in its formulation, reducing the risk of allergies or toxicity.

Key Ingredients:

  • ALCOHOL DENAT (SD ALCOHOL 40-B): Provides the base for the fragrance formulation.
  • AQUA (WATER/EAU): Adds moisture to the formulation.
  • PARFUM (FRAGRANCE): The aromatic blend of fragrance compounds that create the scent profile of Mon Petit Eau de Toilette.
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