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Discover Ocean di Gioia by Giorgio Armani


A green floral fragrance with juicy and crisp top notes of pear and citrus, followed by an ultra-feminine, crystalline floral bouquet built around water jasmine. A vibrant and enveloping trail of sandalwood and musk brings comfort, delicacy, and structure. Dive into Ocean di Gioia, the women's fragrance by Giorgio Armani. A sparkling and juicy crystalline floral bouquet offering aquatic sensations to the modern and playful woman.


Ocean di Gioia, Giorgio Armani's women's fragrance, pays tribute to the invigorating and multifaceted blue expanse. It opens with a crisp and juicy pear and citrus accord for an immediate energy boost. Its heart combines a crystalline floral bouquet of water jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose, offering invigorating and modern aquatic iodized sensations. A vibrant trail of sandalwood and musk notes adds structure to the composition.

Inspired by the forms of nature, the pure and organic curves of the bottle convey Giorgio Armani's modern vision of essential elegance, a nod to the search for contemporary and authentic femininity that inspires him.

For the Playful Woman:

Ocean di Gioia is created for the playful, natural, and sparkling woman in harmony with herself.

Olfactory Notes:

  • Top Notes:

    • Pear and Citrus: A juicy and modern pear accord combined with a radiant blend of citrus and green notes for a sparkling, vegetal, and fruity start.
    • Bergamot and Lemon: Opening the composition with a fresh note, bergamot brings an explosive, tangy, and luminous citrus character. Lemon enhances the overall sparkling freshness.
  • Heart Notes:

    • Water Jasmine and Floral Bouquet: Water jasmine creates a subtle floral effect and enhances the green and fruity character of the top notes. A sophisticated and feminine floral bouquet provides an iodized signature and an addictive solar sensation.
    • White Floral Bouquet: Ylang-ylang marks the composition with a unique solar white floral note. Crystalline jasmine creates a radiant floral effect that elevates the green and fruity nature of the top notes.
  • Base Notes:

    • Sandalwood and Musk: Paired with delicate musk, sandalwood instills depth, comfort, and a certain creaminess, creating a vibrant and enveloping trail.
    • Amber Wood: Adds an intensely vibrant trail to the fragrance.

Bottle Design:

A homage to nature and Giorgio Armani's vision of natural femininity. The bottle's pure and organic curves reflect a modern vision of essential elegance, referencing the quest for contemporary and authentic femininity that inspires the designer. A round pastel blue cap, like a precious gemstone, is fresh and deep like the ocean. The transparent glass bottle perfectly harmonizes with the joyous fragrance it contains.

Experience Ocean di Gioia, a celebration of nature's beauty and the joy of life, in a fragrance that captures the essence of the Mediterranean.

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