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Ralph Lauren

Polo Black

Polo Black


Polo Black Eau de Toilette

ELEGANCE AND SOPHISTICATION Polo Black Eau de Toilette embodies a refined sophistication with its bold and daring blend. This fragrance opens with the exotic and refreshing scent of iced mango, balanced by the herbaceous note of silver artemisia, and grounded by the deep, earthy richness of black patchouli.


  • Top Notes: Iced Mango
  • Heart Notes: Silver Artemisia
  • Base Notes: Black Patchouli

HOW TO APPLY POLO BLACK EAU DE TOILETTE Spray the fragrance about 20 cm from your skin, focusing on the pulse points: inside the wrists, under the earlobes, and behind the knees. This enhances the fragrance's longevity and intensity, enveloping you in its sophisticated and captivating scent.

Experience the allure of Polo Black, a fragrance that exudes elegance and confidence, perfect for the modern man who values sophistication and style.

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