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Ralph Lauren

Ralph's Club Elixir

Ralph's Club Elixir


Ralph's Club Elixir

EXPERIENCE EXCEPTIONAL INTENSITY Discover the unparalleled intensity of Ralph's Club Elixir. Inspired by the iconic woody refinement of Ralph's Club, this elixir spray combines sensual woody notes with intoxicating amber nuances to reveal a more intense and luxurious facet.

A LUXURIOUS BLEND OF DISTILLED INGREDIENTS Crafted with precision, Ralph's Club Elixir features six premium distilled ingredients:

  • Top Notes: Italian Green Mandarin
  • Heart Notes: French Iris Heart, Sage from Provence, Lavandin
  • Base Notes: Madagascar Geranium, Balinese Patchouli

AN ELEGANT, RECHARGEABLE FLACON The flacon, designed in a sleek black lacquered finish, resembles an elegant flask. It features an inset plaque reminiscent of the original Ralph's Club design and is topped with a hinged cap adorned with the iconic Ralph's Club monogram. This rechargeable bottle is a testament to both sophistication and sustainability.

HOW TO APPLY RALPH'S CLUB ELIXIR Spray the elixir about 20 cm from your skin, focusing on the pulse points: inside the wrists, under the earlobes, and behind the knees. This method enhances the fragrance's longevity and intensity, enveloping you in its luxurious scent

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