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Rocabar Eau de toilette

Rocabar Eau de toilette



Eau de Toilette - Woody and Amber Notes

Rocabar Eau de Toilette by Hermès, composed by perfumer Gilles Romey in 1998, is inspired by the equestrian world. The name is a contraction of the English word "rug" and the French "à barres," referring to the traditional horse blanket in saffron-colored wool with red and blue stripes made in the Hermès workshops.

Olfactory Notes: This woody and amber fragrance combines the warm notes of cedar with lively cypress and enveloping, balmy benzoin.

Design: The bottle, inspired by the lanterns of horse-drawn carriages, features a black cap reminiscent of a riding hat. The back label is illustrated with a design by Philippe Dumas, indicating its place in the Parfums-Fondateurs collection.

Parfums-Fondateurs Collection: This collection draws inspiration from the House's heritage, encapsulating Hermès' imaginary world in a name, a fragrance, and a color. Hermès has pioneered a bold style of perfumery through encounters with exceptional perfumers.

Emotion: Spicy, Dry
Key Ingredients: Cedar, Cypress, Benzoin

Rocabar Eau de Toilette is perfect for those seeking a spicy and dry fragrance that captures the warmth and heritage of the equestrian world. Available in a spray for even application.

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