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Twilly d'Hermes Eau de parfum

Twilly d'Hermes Eau de parfum



Eau de Parfum - Floral, Spicy, and Woody Notes

Twilly d'Hermès Eau de Parfum embodies the free spirit of bold, irreverent young girls. Created by Christine Nagel in 2017, this fragrance reappropriates the House's design codes in a playful and contemporary manner.

Olfactory Notes: This floral and spicy eau de parfum expresses its impertinence through notes of candied ginger, delicate tuberose, and milky sandalwood.

Bottle: Designed by Florence Manlik, the lantern-shaped bottle features a square silhouette and a cloudy, coral pink color. Each bottle is playfully embellished with a unique, hand-tied silk ribbon on the cap. The 30 ml format is perfect for taking the free spirit of Twilly d'Hermès with you on the go.

Hermès Detail: The Twilly d'Hermès family evokes the Hermès silk métier, calling to mind both the House's silk twill scarf and the Twilly, a small, colorful silk ribbon that can be worn in countless ways.

Emotion: Warm, Sensual
Key Ingredients: Ginger, Tuberose, Sandalwood

Twilly d'Hermès Eau de Parfum is perfect for those seeking a warm and sensual fragrance that captures the playful and free spirit of the Hermès girls. Available in a spray for even application.

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