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Un Jardin sur le Nil Eau de toilette

Un Jardin sur le Nil Eau de toilette



Eau de Toilette - Green and Woody Notes

Un Jardin sur le Nil Eau de Toilette by Hermès, created in 2005 by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, evokes an olfactory journey to the garden islands in Aswan, Egypt. This composition tells the story of the Nile River, synonymous with life and generosity.

Olfactory Notes: This green and woody fragrance combines tangy green mango, delicate lotus, and elegant sycamore wood.

Design: Designed by Fred Rawyler, the bottle is inspired by the lines of horse-drawn carriage lanterns. Its glass features a delicate green gradient, evoking the banks of the Nile. The box is illustrated with a lotus flower by artist Veronique de Mareuil.

Parfums-Jardins Collection: This collection brings together the soul of a place, the perfumer's inspiration, and the annual theme chosen by Hermès to nourish its creativity. These fragrances offer olfactory strolls for every moment, indulging desires for freshness, reverie, or escape.

Emotion: Fresh, Delicate
Key Ingredients: Green Mango, Lotus, Sycamore Wood

Un Jardin sur le Nil Eau de Toilette is perfect for those seeking a fresh and delicate fragrance that captures the essence of an olfactory journey along the Nile. Available in a spray for even application.

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